First there was Footsteps to Copenhagen – in 2009 a group from Cornwall took a pilot gig and a party of young people to row around the canels of Copenhagen during COP19.

That launched the Climate Vision “Footsteps” campaign which the redoubtable Luci Issacson took forward and ran with.

Then in 2015 a Climate Vision Report was published by Luci on the imapct of the Footsteps campaign. Euan Mcfee was planning to cycle to Paris for COP21 and agreed to carry the report to deliver to key delegates using low carbon transport. Euan recruited Roger, Ricky and Ewan to accompany him as the Four Riders of the Ecopocalypse and thus Pedal to Paris was born.

We returned from Paris as changed men by the experience, and now in 2017 we are picking up the game where we left it in Paris.

This time we will again start with an event in Truro Cathedral on 28th Oct 2017, and we will travel by train and ferry (with a couple of short rides) to Paris and the Pont d’Lena where we left the red-line in 2015.

From there we depart to ride to Bonn. We plan to arrive on Sat 4th November – the weekend before COP23 opens. Lets see what happens then.