This is the itinerary with links to the daily blog posts and route on map at bottom of page:

Sat 28th Oct. Send-off Truro Cathedral. Ride to station. Train to Plymouth. Overnight ferry to Roscoff.

Sun 29th Oct. Warm-up. Ride Roscoff to Morlaix (28km). TGV to Paris Montparnasse. Ride to Asnières-sur-Seine (13km or 10km from Eifel Tower where we ended up in 2015)

Mon 30th Oct. Day 1. Ride Asnières-sur-Seine to Compiegne (93km -> 103km from Eifel Tower)

Tues 31st Oct. Day 2. Ride Compiegne to Étaves-et-Bocquiaux (101km -> 204km)

Weds 1st Nov. Day 3. Ride Étaves-et-Bocquiaux to Doische (122km -> 326km)

Thurs 2nd Nov. Day 4. Ride Doische to Not Spa (89/96km -> 419km)

Fri 3rd Nov. Day 5. Ride Spa to Obergeschoß (108km -> 527km)

Sat 4th Nov. Day 6. Ride Obergeschoß to Bonn (40km -> 567km from COP21 to COP23).

Weds 8th Nov return to UK by diverse routes arriving Weds or Thurs night.