Out to COP – the Game Begins

So it looks like we are Go for Bonn! The Cathedral send-off is happening in Truro on Sat 28th October. The train and ferry tickets to Paris are booked. The route is planned. The first few nights accommodation in Bonn are sorted – arriving Sat 4th November, hopefully in time to participate in various events being planned by activist groups that weekend.

Lots of details remain to be filled in – some things only get sorted as we go along but we are ready and willing.

This time sadly Ricky is unable to join us for strong family reasons (bad timing, but UNFCCC refused to shift the date of COP23 to suit us) so rather than “Four Riders of The Ecopocalyse” we will be the “Three Wise Fools Riding from the West” – or some better name that we will dream up one afternoon.

Ricky is hoping to at least be in Truro for the send-off, and will surely be with us in our spirits to give us strength.

Personally I find this an even more important event than COP21 in Paris; there are hopeful signs of a culture shift in civic society – albeit with some strange manifestations (loose canon leaders getting elected, unexpected voting results, and so on). Ecology must be put back on the agenda, we need to develop a culture to support that and this pilgrimage and its story is part of that effort to give us collective strength and belief.

Now is surely the time to be in Bonn both to bear witness to, and to participate in, the interface between the old order of the second half of the twentieth century and the new order that is to come. The wheel is turning.

Release into the Wild is my personal preparation – a journey for meditation on my connections to the world around me, my relationship to the web of life. On to Bonn will be a collective enterprise whose end-point is unknown but likely to be as surprising, energising and empowering as the 2015 Pedal to Paris.

I hope Euan and Ewan will be contributing their perspectives here as well – and Ricky can use this to provide commentary on our progress. Stay tuned in as preparations progress and things evolve.

Come and join us in Truro on Saturday 28th October at 2:30pm in Truro Cathedral for the grand Departure.